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Satsang Yoga - Tamardino, Costa Rica

Satsang Yoga

Seek your truth. Be your truth.

Satsang Yoga in Playa Grande, Costa Rica


Satsang Yoga brings the blissful benefits of personalized yoga classes to you, in the privacy of your own home, hotel or wherever you wish. Classes are designed to suit individual needs for students of all levels and ages. Our dedicated instructors will suggest the use of props or modifications to ensure that your practice is comfortable, yet challenging and uplifting. Yoga is for everyone; even in cases of emotional or physical limitation. Modifications are applied to suit each individual and ensure their comfort, confidence and enjoyment.


Satsang Yoga is about achieving genuine health, a deeper spiritual connection and a sense of community. We invite you to enhance and embrace your yoga experience in Costa Rica through Satsang Yoga!



Cynthia Deslauriers


"Brooks Wilson is a genuine yoga teacher: Making ancient texts significant in present day life trough her meaningful and precise teachings, bringing balance between strength, alignments and yoga philosophy. Her positive and beautiful personality shines bright in every class. "

Montreal, Canada

Joellen Desautels


"Brooks is truly a gifted teacher. She has the perfect blend of the physical and spiritual in her practice. She is the real deal. Every pose is perfectly chosen to compliment the chakra and every affirmation supports the opening. Her teaching guides each student to create the alchemy in their own transformation."

Chicago, USA

Isabel Mora


"Practicing Yoga with Brooks has, very much, changed my life. With her patience and dedication, she has taught me to connect with my mind and spirit to create balance as well as to be aware of my body and breath to reach a deep relaxation."

Avellanas, CR

Roberta Alexander


"I'm a middle aged lady, fairly new to yoga, and studied vinyasa with Brooks recently. Her vinyasa sequences were very well organized, fast paced, challenging at times, but always positive and inspiring. She took the time to personally assist me in attempting several more advanced asanas, which really increased my confidence! As a relative novice of two plus years, I appreciated her clear instructions and physical demonstrations of asanas and proper alignment. I look forward to studying with Brooks in the future!"

California, USA

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